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Academic journal.

Industrial Machine Building, Civil Engineering

National University "Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic"

№1 (36) 2013 (book 2)

Kytnuy В.А., Borisyuk A.O.

Mathematical model of heat and humidity conducting walls in variable thermal propertials


Nesterenko М.P., Semko O.V., Sklyarenko T.O.

Mathematical design of vibrations machine fluidizer forming small reinforce-concrete wares taking into account influence of the processed environment


Nesterenko М.P., Voskobiynuk O.P., Ped D.S.

Research vibrations oscillation machine forming of long-length wares in mode of idling


Molchanov P.A., Nesterenko M.P., Cherednikov V.M.

Study of variations of the active labor bodies vibrational dispenser, and their dynamic characteristics


Nesterenko T.М., Zotcenko V.N.

Vibrating pile driverfor pile frames


Maslov A.G., Oleynik S.V.

The development of a vibrating presses for moulding of asphalt-concrete designs


Maslov A.G., Salenko Yu.S.

Theoretical studies with one shaft concrete mixer with variable formblades


Kugaevskaya T.S., Shulgin V.V.

Analyses of changes of concrete products temperature forcasting possibility when curing without heat carrying agent use in the warm season


Durachenko G.F.

Road transport with нydraulic transmission


Korobko B.O., Vasylev A.V., Voronko N.V., Golubchenko M.V.

The way of washing nozzle injection enginesby controlled voltage


Nalivaiko O.I.,Mangura A.M.,Nalivaiko L.G.

Magnetic treatment as a method of paraffine control in the process of oil transpotation


Korobko B.O., Vasyliev A.S.

Analysis and classification basic types of wear details to forebody of mortar pumps


Derkach T.M., Dmitrenko T.A.

Technology of creation of course of videolectures from discipline "Bases of the automated planning"


Bandurinа O.V.

Current state of the problem analysis stress-strain state rock around deep well


Gutak A.D., Nizovtsev A.V.

Modernization of training of future engineers for oil and gas industry


Nadobko V.B., Frolov E.A.

Transportation problems in pipeline construction solutions


Shipunov N.V.

The improvement of the design of an internal combustion engine with a free piston


Shipunov N.V.

Analysis of ways to start automotive diesel internal combustion engines at low temperatures


Shipunov N.V.

Optimize the operation timing of internal combustion engine


Shipunov N.V.

Waste heat from exhaust gases of internal combustion engine with external combustion stirling engine


Bondar V.A., Bondar L.V.

Prestressed reinforced concrete silage corps element


Gnitko S.M., Сhebotaryov P.N.

The account of regularity of mutual effect of key parameters of driving of vibration precision systems


Korobko B.O., Pavlenko A.M., Matvienko A.M., Virchenko V.V.

Stydy of intensive dry plaster mixing in P oltNTU construction mixing machine PHU-4 bunker


Maslov O.H., Nesterenko M.P., Molchanov P.O.

Analytical determination of resonance frequency vibrations active working organ the cassette form


Ilchenko V.V., Sharpylo A.V.

Improving the method for evaluation surface treatment stability of road pavement


Salenko Y.S.

Theoretical study of the concrete mixer with oscillating fluctuations corps

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